Self-help yourself to the love

Feeling Depressed? Why don’t you go and love yourself? Go on, love off.

In my first blog, ‘This Smoking Life’ I talked in one section about how I’d cut down on smoking. Now, this was merely written as a prelude to my conclusion about smoking bans on society and not necessarily as a method in which you should cut down on smoking.

If I was telling you what you should do with your life, then this could be misconstrued as a self help blog, which is dangerously close to self help books, which I think, put simply, are Read more of this post

This Smoking Life

Society really has come a long way since I smoked my first cigarette. I don’t mean this literally of course; otherwise I would say the little buggers have slowed us down if anything.

It was February 1995 and I was a college student, a friend and I were at a pub one evening. He was one of my cool friends who seemed to have lots of interesting opinions about stuff and had a way about him that felt like a natural leader type. So when he offered me a cigarette that evening, I inevitably accepted. If there had been a ban on smoking indoors at the time, and if I’d had to go into the wintery outside, I probably would have declined. Does this make me a weak willed individual, who may have not taken up smoking if only the establishment had said ‘not in here sunshine’? Read more of this post

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