Fringe Review Diary – Day 4 – WitTank

Day 4 – 8th August 2011

WitTank – 18:15hrs – Just the Tonic at the Caves (Just the Big Room)


Just the Tonic at the Caves joins most of the various venues tradition of naming the areas at the venue in the manner of ‘let’s not dick around here’. Except in this case, putting ‘Just the’ before each one.

Me and the girl had a bit of a time finding it. We approached from South Street as the advert suggested, but the thing about Edinburgh in general is it is on different levels. And this venue is on a road that suns under South Street. Anyway arriving at the back of the queue end up putting us in a little upstairs part of the caves with a nice overview of the stage.


Move over everyone, because here is the next big thing in sketch writing comedy. WitTank are made up of Kieran Boyd, Mark Cooper-Jones and Naz Osmanoglu all of whom write their own stand up to great effect (See review on ‘Don’t Mess’ and the upcoming review on Naz), but I think it’s their combined powers that really gives them their edge. The clever writing and outstanding performances by this trio had me and the sell out audience in stiches.

The sketches themselves are at times surreal; I would go so far as to compare them to a modern style Monty python group. There are some quite good sketch shows on the telly at the moment, but more then a lot of it has been unfunny predictable guff. These chaps don’t stick to old formulaic style sketches and are trying new stuff to great effect.

My new favourite word is Gammon.

RATING: 10 out of 10

A must see at this years fringe.

Next Review: Carl Donnelly 3: Carl Donnelier!

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One Response to Fringe Review Diary – Day 4 – WitTank

  1. The Girl (apparently) says:

    No no, it should be “Gammon, Gammon, Gammon!”
    I know it’s a bit dickish to refer to a joke no-one’s gonna get if they haven’t seen this show, but it was stupidly funny. And if anyone reading wants to understand what we’re going on about they really will just have to see it.
    You also forgot to mention the special effects, which re-enacted an entire mission impossible type escape using only some string and a remote-controlled car! genius

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