Fringe Review Diary – Day 4 – Carl Donnelly 3: Carl Donnelier!

Day 4 – 8th August 2011

Carl Donnelly 3: Carl Donnelier! – 19:50hrs – Udderbelly’s Pasture (The Dairy Room)


The Udderbelly’s upside-down cow, nice!

The Udderbelly’s Dairy room was in one of the areas in Edinburgh University. Quite a grandiose entrance, but once you were in, it was a case of close together tiered seating, like at the ‘ABOVE’ in Pleasance Courtyard, but a bit smaller. This was a full house and with all the bodies crammed in together it was a warm occasion.

TOP TIP: Bring something to fan yourself with. I found the handiest thing to use were the countless flyers advertising shows, which are always thrust upon you everywhere you go during the Edinbrugh Fringe.


I had not heard of Carl Donnelly before I went to the Fringe, but went to see him on a recommendation from a friend. I was happy with the result.

His show was called ‘Carl Donnelly 3: Carl Donnelier!’ for which he was afraid no one was getting. The reference is to the ‘Die Hard’ film sequels, I reference I quite enjoyed, when I got it.

Carl explained that he had changed his look from last year. He now had short curly hair and sported thick black rimmed glasses. He had chosen this look as an act of growing up, but took a slight knock when a friend of his pointed out that he now looked like a young Rolf Harris.

Carl is a great stand up comedian, fast talking, witty and liable to go off into tangents to great comic effect. He is very good at interaction with the crowd and while he wasn’t heckled, I have a feeling that this sharp comedian would have batted it away with the lightness of kicking a beach ball.

RATING: 9 out of 10

Thoroughly entertaining.

Next Review: Leeds Tealights, Animals with Jobs

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