Fringe Review Diary – Day 5 – Leeds Tealights: Animals with Jobs

Day 5 – 9th August 2011

Leeds Tealights: Animals with Jobs – 17:00 – Just the Tonic at the Store (Just the Store Room)


This was another ‘Just The Tonic’ venue, this time at the ‘Store’ near to wear WitTank had played the caves. The room was laid out with folding chairs and me and the Girl went straight to the front. I would like to point out at this stage that I am a tall person with big hair, however I was always careful, if seated near the front on a non tiered seating plan to have the courtesy to sit to the extreme left or right of the row, so other could see past my wifro hair.

TOP TIP: If you are tall and going to a show, try as courteous as possible, but if you’re short, you must accept this and not complain. Alternatively, bring a booster seat or a couple of cushions.


This was a collection of sketches written by Leeds Universities Tealights group. It was directed by Kieran Boyd (who is now becoming a staple of my fringe experience).

The show was for me, a bit hit and miss. They were mostly well conceived sketches, but some of the performers were better than others which at times made it feel a bit unbalanced at times.

Still it was more hit than miss and there were some very funny moments in the show. The play on the fellow who gets bullied by working/middle class school mates and is unhappy and is then shown in the same situation but this time they are upper-class was very good. It also finished with a courtroom sketch about the trail of Cruella de Ville. I did not see where this one was going and thought it was a genius ending.

RATING – 7 out of 10

Certainly worth the price of the ticket. Good stuff.

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