Save Me – (Short Story / Monologue)

                                                                                Save Me – By Gary Shaw

I don’t think I can do it any more. I’ve already saved five people today, and that was just on the way over here. And now, here you are, just waiting to be saved.  I’ve got to draw the line.

No, please don’t beg, you’re making me feel awful here. I’ve got a life to lead too you know. What you do for a living?

That’s nice. But let’s say you wanted to change careers, what would you do? Join a few recruitment agencies, look around on the internet? Me, this is it, I change jobs, people die.

Well yes, I could just save you and have done with it, but don’t you understand, every victim will keep saying that to me.

Of course you don’t understand what I’m talking about. Given your current situation, I don’t blame you. Although what I do blame you for, is getting yourself in this predicament in the first place. Read more of this post

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