Look up, the Machines are here to Checkout your awareness at the door

Child_operating_self_checkoutThose kids love the latest computer craze

I was in the supermarket today getting my lunch and I noticed a curious thing. As I was heading to the checkouts to pay, the self service checkouts had queues of 5 to 6 people per bank of 4. While the person operated checkouts ones had zero to one person waiting. I, of course, went to the person who not only served me almost immediately, but also wished me a good day to boot.

I considered the situation and first thought that perhaps people had become so introverted by using machines rather than have to face another human being they would rather stand in line so as not to deal with them. Then I thought, I don’t think we as a society have forgotten how to interact with people we don’t know just yet (although I don’t give it that long). After all, we have become a nation of expecting things instantly and are in such a rush to get on to the next thing.

Then it struck me. It’s simply that so many people aren’t looking up anymore. We are so focused on the received wisdom that we can find the answer and move along quicker using machines, that we can completely miss opportunities around us.  Ask yourself one question; when was the last time you really looked up? When did you last take your eyes of the prize and see what everyone else was doing, when did you the tops of the trees and the architecture on the top of buildings? When did you last look at the birds flocking formations? It’s a brighter world up there.

Look_Up^_-_geograph.org.uk_-_657560 Look_up_(3)

We have reached a point in out technological age that science fiction writers warned us of years before. We can now shut ourselves off from the world, not hearing it, for the music blaring in our ears. Not seeing it, for looking at the technology in out hands. I’m not saying technology is evil. The computers, phones and computer phones are there (or should be there) to enhance our enjoyment of the world around us; just don’t let them consume it.


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6 Responses to Look up, the Machines are here to Checkout your awareness at the door

  1. SudoOne says:

    I love how your mind travels from supermarket tech to the wider world view.

    There is safety in our little bubbles. Also the machines don’t judge you if you buy 4 bottles of vodka of a lunch time.. Or try to.. The machines don’t judge you if your card doesn’t work.

    That’s one thing they have in common with the treetops

  2. I like this, it’s inspired me with my blog tonight

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  4. Matthew says:

    Interestingly you make a point i have heard before; from a clown at circus school (please note I only went to circus school for a day, because work thought it would be team building). He also posed the question “do we stop playing games because we grow up, or do we grow up because we stop playing games?” which I quite liked.

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