Top 10 Perils of Technology Sci-Fi films

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Carrying on with my on-going mission to find my favorite film and since some of my posts lately have talked about technology and the future of it. I thought it would be fitting to do another ‘Top Ten’ post all around films that act as a warning of the possible perils of advancing technology. So, these are not films that involve some unknown factor like aliens or time travel. These are more Hard Sci-Fi films based on the sort of technology that we have today that is advancing. So; Robots, Genetics, that type of thing.


10) I, Robot (2004) – A classy looking film, based on a classic story by Isaac Asimov. Showing the possible pitfalls of advanced intelligent robots


9) The Stepford Wives (1975) – My wife is perfect, yours giving you the old back chat? Come to Stepford, they’ll sort you out.


8) Robocop (1987) – Again advancing robotics, but done with tongue in cheek. Very good film.


7) Gattaca (1997) – You don’t have to have a spotty geeky kid in the future, just make them perfect like you. Genetics, space programme. Proper thinkers film this one.


6)The Terminator (1984) – Are you Sarah Conner, no. Bang. How about you?


5) The Fly (1986) – A fly and a man teleport at the same time. I wonder what would happen if a Bear and Monkey did the same?


4) Westworld (1973) –. It would be cool. A theme park, where the robots interact like humans but you can enjoy the gunslinging culture with no consequences. Oh hang on there are some.


3) Moon (2009) – Its lonely on the moon, Who’s up for table tennis? Wow your as good as me?  This is the one of the best sci-fi films of the new millennium.


2) Blade Runner  (1982) – The future of Simulants, turned against us. as all slaves ultimately will. Such good production values on this.


1) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) – The ultimate lesson on the dangers of AI. Stunning film.

silent run

Special Mention – Silent Running (1972) – Not about technology per se – But certainly about the after effects of it and why we would have to leave the Earth. Not many films bring a tear to my eye. This one did.


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2 Responses to Top 10 Perils of Technology Sci-Fi films

  1. Interesting to put 2001 at the top of the list. I really like the idea of the film much better than the actual thing.
    I’m also cool to see you chose the Stepford Wives. Imagine how great it would be to watch this without knowing how it was going to end.

  2. Rollerball (1975) suggested that by the early 21st century,sports clubs would turn into giant corporations & TV would pull the strings. As if…

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