Stag do’s and Lies


Oh god, i’m so hungover and i don’t know where i am.

Well here we are, over the half-way point of the 28 days writer and I’ve not posted for the last 2 days.


My excuse, I was away for the weekend visiting friends.

However I have checked with the initiator of 28 days writer ‘Sudo One’ and it turns out, that the deal was to do 28 posts in 28 days, not necessarily one a day. So I owe 2 bonus posts before the end of the month.

And it’s my weekend away leads me to my blog today, which is ‘Stag do’s’. No, I wasn’t on a stag do this weekend. I was seeing the couple who are betrothed and organising the stag do with the male half of this couple, to whom I have the honour of being his best man.

A lot of ideas and research had previously been thrown around for the stag do from the party involved including at one point having a midget handcuffed to the Stag for the entire weekend.

But after a consideration of all that were going, we have gone for a weekend away at The Manor House Hotel in Devon. Which is like a Butlins for grown-ups, and I mean that to sound good.  It has all the boys’ toys of Golf, fishing, bowls, 10 pin bowling, archery, shooting and many more. All inclusive too, apart from the beer unfortunately.

At least that’s what the stag thinks we’re doing. I have in fact arranged a wild weekend with Strippers, Nightclubs, and yes Midgets with handcuffs. Oh it’s going to be amazing. Actually he might be reading this with great surprise now. But don’t worry mate I was only joking….No it is happening, get prepared…..No not really…..but it is, i had to confess……Only kidding….

This could go on. But once you’ve said both things, it’s hard to know which one is truthful. Just be ready for anything lad.

I think Eddie Izzard illustrated this best when he decided to tell his audience that Engleburt Humperdinck had died during a live show.  See for yourselves.

The bit I’m on about is from 1:40 onwards, but I recommend the whole clip.


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One Response to Stag do’s and Lies

  1. StagorHen says:

    I love how the stag thinks that he is in for an orderly weekend of organised fun.. I bet he is in for a shock!

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