It’s Sad sometimes, being Big and Scary


I was walking home from swimming the other day, and a mother and her kid were walking about 50 yards ahead of me. I noticed the child every so often looking round at me. I was walking at a faster pace than them. As I gained ground, the child started tugging on his mother’s arm with a distressed look on his face. Then as I neared, the child actually made his mum stop move to the side of the pavement as he hid behind her legs.  She apologised to me as I passed, as did I for apparently terrifying her child.

Now, I admit I’m a big fella with a lot of hair and a beard, so I understand the child’s fear. And this wasn’t a fluke, this sort of thing has happened before. Once I was round a friends for a bbq and his daughter just started crying when she saw me.

These instances do upset me, as I am nice guy and wouldn’t hurt a fly, as my friends, family, girlfriend, and I reckon anyone who’s met me will tell you. I suppose I do see the funny side too.  I know the parents do.

Fortunately the wonderful J.K. Rowling has helped my woes in creating the wonderful character of Hagrid, and just about all kids growing up these days are exposed to the world of Harry potter. So from the older children I tend to get more looks of awe than terror and see nudges amongst them and the whispers of ‘it’s Hagrid’ to their parents. That is much better.

My niece and nephew have called me Hagrid ever since they knew the stories, and it’s a nickname to be happy with.  I mean, it is me who chooses to have long hair after all. But then even before I grew it out, I was always BFG to them.  I think they’ve always thought I was amazing. They’re great kids, and I’m very proud to be their Uncle.


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9 Responses to It’s Sad sometimes, being Big and Scary

  1. RIP Martin Ruane (1946-1998) – a real nice guy out of the ring by all accounts.

  2. SudoOne says:

    Being a smaller hirsute gentlemen this sometimes happens to me too. I was sent away to another room at a kids party once (too scary). Still you can use your looks to teach them a good life lesson that things aren’t always as they first appear. Big Scary Hairy.. is actually a kind loving puppy dog of a man.. nearly as hairy too. 🙂

  3. Markymc says:

    Aw, how sweet! Top post!

  4. This is lovely. I actually said ah out loud. You rock Big G

  5. hrosez says:

    Wow, I haven’t had this experience myself, but I know looks aren’t everything!: ) And I love HP and Hagrid!

  6. Jeyna Grace says:

    We all come in different sizes. What matters is that we love ourselves.

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