Not Snogging in Cinemas to Courtroom Films (Top ten list)

sommersby in court

When I was a teenager of about 14 or 15 I went on a date to the cinema with newest girlfriend of the time. The movie got underway and about quarter of the way through she wanted to do the whole snogging in the cinema thing. Well I was having none that malarkey. I’d paid to see this film, and I was getting into it.  We could do snogging nearly anytime, so I told her to knock it off.

Looking back, maybe I missed out on one of those classic moments in life, but really I just find it funny that I was as into movies then as I am now.

I’ve been told by friends and my current girlfriend that I was a fool, but they all laugh too. Especially when I tell them that the film was Somersby, with Richard Gere and Jodie Foster (In the film I mean, not the cinema with us. Now that would have been distracting).

I however thought it was a good film, with the last act in a courtroom arguing the toss over Richard Gere’s characters identity with his life on the line. Tense stuff with fantastic bitter sweet moral ending.

So with Courtroom dramas in mind, and with my on-going quest to identify my favourite movie. Here is the list of my Top 10 Courtroom based films.

10) Philadelphia (1993) – Tom Hanks has AIDS in a powerful film about prejudice in the work place and the court battle that follows.

9) The Accused (1988) – Jodie Foster gets gang raped, people think she led them on. We learn better in this very realistic court room film.

8) To Kill a Mockingbird’ (1962). – A great film based on a better book. The film didn’t date well for me otherwise might have been higher on the list.

7) ‘A Time to Kill’ (1996) – Samuel L Jackson kicks some racist Deep South ass

6) Runaway Jury (2003) – John Cusack acting cool against Gene Hackmans anger

5) Somersby (1993) – Well, here it is at number 5

4) The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996) – Woody Harleson plays the man getting rights for Porn, You tell em Woody.

3) JFK (1991) – Ah Mr Costner, we meet again on this 28 day Journey, fine film sir, fine film.

2) A Few Good Men (1992) – You want the truth? You want the truth! You can’t handle the truth! (One of the the best lines ever)

1) 12 Angry Men (1957) – Its in again. This film is on two of my list. and this one number one. One to watch.


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2 Responses to Not Snogging in Cinemas to Courtroom Films (Top ten list)

  1. SudoOne says:

    Don’t forget Monkey Bear vs The World

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