A Piece of Pandemonium Weeble!

In honour of our 28 days writer union and because she once asked me to, I have immortalised ‘A Piece of Pandemonium’ as a Weeble. So now when you read her blogs about Olympics, foot rubbing, tidiness and absorb her very graphic opinionated pieces. You can marvel that this sweet demure looking Weeble is responsible for this rich ensemble of life, lust and wrath.

A Piece of Pandemonium


Remember to enjoy my fellow ’28 Day Writers’ blogs today. Not only A Piece of Pandemonium but also Sudo One 

About residentweebler
Short Story Writer and Opinionated observer. Visit my blog for all this and more. https://theresidentweeble.wordpress.com/

2 Responses to A Piece of Pandemonium Weeble!

  1. SudoOne says:

    But which is better, Pande weeble or Monkey Bear weeble? Fight!!
    Top work my friend.

  2. Gotta love ya Resident Weeble!! X

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