Sudo One Weeble!

Again in honour of our 28 days writers union and because he didn’t ask me, I have immortalised Sudo One as a Weeble! I also drew the picture of him you’ll find as his icon and in his blogs header, but he’s bulked up here for weebling purposes. So here he is, as happy as a monkey with a peanut machine, showing off his very precious ‘iPhone’ of which he blogs about (he bloody loves everything apple mac), along with his opinions on football, religion, and all sorts of exciting stuff. He also has some fabulous poems and short stories. Check it out here.

Sudo One


Remember to enjoy my fellow ’28 Day Writers’ blogs today. Not only Sudo One but also  A Piece of Pandemonium

About residentweebler
Short Story Writer and Opinionated observer. Visit my blog for all this and more.

One Response to Sudo One Weeble!

  1. SudoOne says:

    cheque is in the post mate 🙂

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