Spending a Penny, but for how long?


The copper in the pre-1992 pennies are worth much more today than the face value of the coin.

Decimalisation in the UK began in February 1971, and the UK penny, or new penny, as it was then known, was there from the start. And now in the same month as it is celebrating 42 years in its current state, Canada has ditched its One Cent coin. Why? Simple. With ever increasing inflation on goods and services, it costs more than its outward value to produce the coin. Thus saving the economy of Canada money in the long run.

So my question is; when will the same happen to the UK penny and the US cent for that matter? It is bound to happen. Nothing can be bought for just one penny anymore. Read here for more on devalued coins.

Gone are the days of penny sweets my friends. I know! I was outraged when I found out.

Assuming we don’t go to the Euro first, which I doubt will happen; based on this countries pride (I think going in the Euro would be fine personally). But assuming we don’t, I think that the UK penny would be abolished at the same time our dear Queen leaves this mortal coil. It makes sense is all. Money will have a fresh start and a fresh face on the obscure side of the coins. If you can call Charles face fresh?

New mint collection

The newest designs of the Penny and friends. This is odd looking at first until you know the point of the design of each one and how they fit together, which is nice.

I think we’ll all miss something about them, whether it’s just completeness in a collection of them, the nostalgia factor. Or like me, when you go to the zoo or a Dr who exhibition, you can flatten them out in one of those machines as a memento. Brilliant!

My Momento Pennies


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5 Responses to Spending a Penny, but for how long?

  1. marky mc says:

    Yeah, would make sense, but not the Euro! Imagine that, Gaz lend us 20 Euros… 20 quid…. odd!

  2. Squelch! D-Day in the UK was 15 February 1971, although the 5p, 10p & 50p were put into circulation in ’68 in lieu of the 1/- 2/- coins & 10/- note… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rOzF3QpJcw

  3. SudoOne says:

    Interesting.. thats my one thing learnt for the day

  4. Every days a learning day!

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