28 days later. And the winner is….

silver medal

Well, the 28 days of ‘28 Days Writer’ have finished. And I failed to write 28 posts. So if this was a challenge between me, Sudo one and A Piece of Pandemonium, we would be placed thusly:

Gold – Sudo One – 28 posts (A post every day, well played)

Silver – The Resident Weeble – 24 posts (including this one)

Bronze – A Piece of Pandemonium – 15 posts (she admits her slackness)

BUT, it wasn’t that sort of challenge it was just a challenge for ourselves, in which we all motivated each other. I only put in podium positions because of A Piece of Pandemonium. She loves the Olympics (it was last summer, get over it) and is VERY competitive, and I live to wind her up 🙂

So what have I gained from this experience. Well I gained a number of followers, hits and likes for my posts, for which I thank you all. It really gives me a good feeling when I see lots of people have viewed something I’ve taken the time to write, especially a short story.

Although of the two short stories I produced this month, neither had the highest hit rate, (although they were high). No that honour went to ‘Monkey Bear’. Bloody Monkey Bear.

A picture I produced on MS paint on a whim because I was thinking that morning what would a cross between a Monkey and Bear would look like. (Little insight into my mind there.)

I suppose it does rather reflect society’s need for instant gratification. Actually, I pointed this out in my post ‘Look up, the Machines are here to Checkout your awareness’, which ironically got the least views of the month.

Anyway, the best feeling I had is the feeling of writing in general, and feeling satisfied each time I posted a blog. So if you keep reading, I’ll keep writing. Not everyday though, that was a ruddy nightmare.


To see the rest of A piece of Pandemoniums posts click here.

And to see Sudo Ones efforts and his more eloquent ending to 28 days writer click here.

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One Response to 28 days later. And the winner is….

  1. SudoOne says:

    don’t speak ill of the monkey bear.. he is a legend

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