The Write-mare before Christmas or WMB4X

The writemare before christmas

Myself and the much more consistent blogger, Sudo One (nee-One Button mouse, nee Slowly Creeping death), but not so consistent on his blog name, will be attempting to write a blog a day for the month of November.

This marathon + 4 of blogs will be known as ‘The Write-mare before Christmas’ (see what we did there). I will be including a range of articles, short stories, lists and general fun to keep you entertained in the cold November rain. Cue Axel.

We shall code name this spectacular WMB4X, which looks a bit like a number plate for a Dyslexic BMX champ. Or some kind of slang text talk which I’ve never been able to fully grasp. Ah well, maybe I will delve into that more during the coming month.

I said CUE AXEL! Oh Axel Rose, late as usual. This is a man who once came to perform the Reading festival but came on over an hour late because he was asleep. He got his gig cut short because noise laws prevented him playing past 11pm. He then proceeded to sack his staff for not waking him up. Said staff had also been told by the Axe man, that if he ever woke him up when he was sleeping, they would be sacked. The upshot of this is he had to re-hire them the next day as he had to travel to the Leeds Festival and didn’t have time to hire anyone else. 

Right here he is, finally! Bit of a dick, but he did write this nice and also fitting song.

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