Dealing with Immortality and the Meaning of life


Would you care for some Earl Grey old boy?

What do we do with our time? Sometimes not a lot, sometimes too much, and we require a sit down and a cup of tea.

Doing a lot of things, or very few, are both relevant if that’s how you wish to live your life.

But could you get bored with having too much time on your hands? This seems to be a common theme running through what many consider to be a gift and others a curse: Immortality.

There is research going on into this, believe it or not. They are just calling it ‘life extension’ of course; otherwise it would be dismissed as fantasy or science fiction. But immortality is still that ultimate goal, one that is to be aimed at, to be climbed simply because we have evolved the concept of it without being able to achieve it. And human nature means we will strive for it in the same way we do for the distant stars. 

Most science fiction writers use the natural perception of immortality being a good thing, and use it to show the reader the negatives. Are they right though?

Weighing up Immortality, let’s start with the bad news;


  • Seeing loved ones die, even your own children.
  • Boredom.
  • After hundreds, or even thousands, nay even millions of years, madness would surely be yours.
  • If everyone were immortal it would hamper the evolution of Humankind, for no new ideas from fresh generations could flourish if the older generation couldn’t let go of power.

Plus points

  • You can gain so much knowledge
  • You can better the lives of others, as there would be no need to be selfish, you’ve got all the time in the world.
  • You can create so much….even a cure for everything, even death.

This last point is a bit of a paradox and would of course cause it’s own issues, such as the devolution of Humankind mentioned in negatives. It would also rather up the population of the world exponentially.  See my piece on Overpopulation here.

Life extension rather than immortality would seem to be the answer, but to what end? If we could suddenly live 200 years instead of 100, would we use that time wisely? Maybe at first, but in the end people would get used to it and it would be just the same as it is now. We would end up still managing to squander our time, trying to fill it with distractions until our time runs out.

So what is the meaning of Life?

Well, perhaps that could be discovered if we had all the time on our side. But what if the answer was that we shouldn’t wish for more time. For ultimately what is it worth? Ask yourself this; what makes you happy? It could be several things. Whatever those things are, try to do them, and if work isn’t one of them, then remember what work is there for. To sustain a life you want to live. Always work to live. Try not to live to work.

And always, but always enjoy a cup of tea, especially with a biscuit.


Remeber to check out Sudo One’s Blog, he won’t be around forever.


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