Warning Hazardous Foods – Surstromming


I think someone in China once thought; ‘This’ll be a laugh. What is the most disgusting state of a food I can think of and how can I make people eat it. I know I will leave an egg in a load of rice for a few weeks so when it is eaten it will smell of piss, and I will call it a Century Egg. And in order to convince people to eat this disaster of a food, I shall say it is a delicacy.’


Well congratulations, job done. The art of making a food disgusting in some way and calling it a delicacy seems to have learnt from this Century Egg idea and flourished.

One such ‘delicacy’ is Surstromming. A Swedish dish of Baltic herring killed just before the fish was due to give birth and left to ferment. This fermentation starts from a lactic acid enzyme in its spine. This creates some god awful smelling acids. To stop the fish rotting (although the smell would fool you) it is put into a tin of brine and then sold to the curious ‘delicacy’ trying public.

And wouldn’t you know it, the same gang I know who love the Chilli challenges, have given this one a go as well. 

I have to say, after my last rant about them, I don’t think they are doing the one up-man-ship at all. I have concluded they are somewhat mentally unstable instead.

I also find it hilarious that the chap (or pusher as I like to call him) that films them in all these challenges, supplies the hazardous food but never has any. I think he secretly delights in Schadenfreude

So here it is for you to enjoy the video of the can of Surstromming being opened, the smell slowing hitting all the crowd, and then the crazy types who actually ate it.



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