The Orange Lemon Song

You ever find yourself in one of those situations where you pick up a piece of fruit and it resembles another piece of fruit, so you write a song about it?

Well here it is. It’s a bit silly, but when you sing it in your head (or out loud) use Chris De Burgh’s ‘Lady in Red’ as the tune.

An Orange Lemon

The Orange Lemon Song

I’ve never seen a fruit, just sitting there looking quite so strange,

I’ve never seen this citrus range,

(What fruit are you?).

I picked you up of the table and I started to touch,

Squeezing you, but not too much,

(Never near the crotch).

You’re the colour of an orange, tangerine, Satsuma, Clementine,

(Shall I make you mine)

Don’t be afraid,

I’ll come to your aid,

(Your Orange aid).

I wanna taste what you are,

You’re a fruity enigma,

That’s what you are.

If you were one of these zesty treats,

You wouldn’t look quite like you do,

(I still want to eat).

You’ve got an odd shape, made from all your piff and your rind

I recall a face, Brian Ferry comes to mind.

That’s right, you look like a lemon,

Which is scarring me slightly,

You may be a new fruit,

A mutation seems quite likely.

But don’t be afraid,

I’ll come to your orange aid,

(Your Lemon aid).

I wanna taste what you are,

You fruity enigma.


Don’t just sit there like a lemon, check out Sudo One’s Blog 🙂

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