Health & Safety fail

Health and safety is of  course an important element of every day life. The amount of mockery it receives for being bureaucratic and molly codling to the general public, has reached laughable proportions. 

Which is why I am going to contribute to this hilarity by pointing out oddities about sign I saw in a public toilet cubicle.


First off I thought it seemed out of place. It starts with a warning for a wet floor. This floor was not wet. I could understand what it might mean, as a wet floor is part and parcel of public toilet floors (well they are in the gents).

Infact, as an aside, Anyone not on their guard when walking into a public loo is either a braver person than I, or has led a blessed life. For most of us have, at least once, encountered a cubicle left in such a state that it can only be thought of as shitageddon.

Talking of shit, this leads me on to my second point about the sign. It warns of trailing cables. There are no cables in a toilet except those left by the previous user. Oh what a juvenile chuckle I had at this.

Lastly, I noticed that the chap having the fall in the picture appears to have tripped on a black triangle. This triangle looked neither like a wet floor or a trailng cable (at least not the kind it meant). What it did look like, was a man falling over a small warning sign. Which ironically is what nearly happened to me on first encoutering it.


Check out the hazardous Sudo One. Safe

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One Response to Health & Safety fail

  1. SudoOne says:

    What a piece of shit… (ha see what I did there) I recognise that sign!

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