Kings Cross Station and Long Journeys

Traveling for work can be a gruelling experience at times, but you have got to take the rough with the smooth. So I thought I would share a couple of things I saw at Kings Cross Station.

First, and probably known by most now, is the Harry Potter themed platform 9 and ¾. It does help somewhat being a Harry Potter fan, but if you do visit Kings Cross and you have a spare 5 minutes or so (which by the people rush around, you really wouldn’t think so) it is worth checking out. There is a wizards luggage half way through the wall at platform 9 and 3/4, with a heafty queue of people eager to have their picture taken with it. Next door is a the merchandise shops with all sorts of goodies in it, cashing in of course and quite right too.

A Harry Potter fan at kings cross               Harry Potter shop

Another thing Kings Cross has and a rather disturbing thing it is too,is a holographic assistant at the foot of a set of escalators warning commuters not to bring luggage on to them. She looks like she is looking at you from most angles until you approach her and see she is a 2D projection on a cardboard. It’s pretty freaky. And yeah she acknowledges you when you go near her too.

Rail Assistant

Of course these quirky highs also come with the lows of 5 hours train journeys that you think you can relax on. Instead you get a kid looking over the chair in front and staring right at you, fascinated by a giant like myself aboard a train. This would be fine, if a little unnerving. But it’s when the kid settles back down with her mum and gran and then every 10 minutes or so just starts screaming for no apparent reason for most of the rest of the journey.   It’s the kind of screech that cuts through you because of the pausing that is just long enough to lull you in to a false sense of relaxation.

Bloody Hogwarts Express, next time I’m flying, by car.

Flying car and Hogwarts_Express


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4 Responses to Kings Cross Station and Long Journeys

  1. SudoOne says:

    Nice road work Sir!

  2. Jeyna Grace says:

    They have a platform 9 3/4 store? That’s cool 🙂

  3. King’s Cross also has a Platform 0 (zero). As does Cardiff Central & Edinburgh Haymarket. I’ve visited all three – blinkin’ anorak!

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