Doctor Who Live After Party – Review


Well, all the build-up was worth it, ‘The Day of the Doctor’, a fabulous episode to celebrate 50 years of Dr Who was had. But they couldn’t let it lie. The BBC thought, let’s do an after show party, and lets film it live. That may have sounded good at the time I’m sure, but it wasn’t.

Live TV rarely works out these days and to make it work best takes a lot of preparation and rehearsal. This appeared to have little or none of that. Hosted by an over caffeinated breathless Zoe ball and the most insincere man who’d I’d never heard of. Zoe interviewed some of the past cast and crew of Dr who, putting her head down to read the questions of her lap and not giving these people who were kind of the point of the show to fully answer. The questions asked to guests and fans were all so generic: Did you like the episode? What’s was your best memory of filming it? What was your favourite enemy that you fought (asked to a chap who only appeared in a handful of episodes). Then the answers were just as bad: Yes I loved the episode, I thought it was fantastic. Although one chap said it was like a dirty movie for him. That was funny.

For some reason the BBC thought chatting to a couple of the One Direction members via satellite link up to LA was a good idea. Even if the delay of 5 seconds and feedback and all manner of fuck ups hadn’t happened, what the flying fuck have One Direction got to do with Dr Who anyway.

At one point they made all the companions do a game that confused not only the viewing public, but also those involved. They all stood up and were told to “sit down if they hadn’t run down a corridor” and sometimes it would be “sit down if you have said ‘What’s this?’ to the Doctor”. Or “stay standing if you haven’t tripped and fell.” It was very odd and kind of demeaning.

This was mostly awful telly. I like the facts spat out by K9 in a pre-recorded segment, but other than that it felt like it was stapled on the end of a big deal show at the last minute as a come down drug to counter the massive build-up. As come downs go, I’m betting Smack isn’t much worse.

Check out Sudo One’s blog, who appears to have shared his thoughts on the episode ‘The Day of the Doctor’ itself, which makes it a nice sister piece to my review of the pants telly that came after it.

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5 Responses to Doctor Who Live After Party – Review

  1. SudoOne says:

    I’m glad I chose to write with it on mute. You describe it very well. I hated Zoe “I’m on radio so I can look at my notes” Ball on the Capaldi reveal show so no surprise she’s shit here!

  2. Shocked-Who-Fan says:

    Multiple car crash television! I watched aghast!

  3. I agree with you that it was an insult to everyone’s intelligence. I wanted to screech”EXTERMINATE!”

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  5. Vincent says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with every word you wrote – you saved me the trouble. The one thing I’d add is the APPALLING treatment of Jean Marsh. The woman is SHOWBIZ ROYALTY. And having shlepped down to this monumental waste of time (the woman is 79 and not in the best of health) all she got was, “and here’s Jean Marsh” – and after she’d nodded and smiled, that was IT.
    FUCK! They could have done a whole programme on HER – “The Twilight Zone”, “Upstairs Downstairs” and a SLEW of film and TV appearances – then there’s her writing and producing (she CO-CREATED “Upstairs Downstairs”) – plus her marriage to Jon Pertwee, her associations with other important showbiz figures…
    It would certainly have been a more interesting than THIS tosh. I FEEL for her – she has earned little from the WEALTH of material she has starred in and created. “Downton Abbey” was essentially a rip-off of “Upstairs Downstairs”. As she once said of that show, “If it had been made in America I’d be Mary Tyler Moore. As it is, I’m Mary Tyler Less.”

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