The truth about…News Websites – Spoilers

Cat_out_of_the_bag The Cat is outta the bag (well nearly)

Let me start by saying that the BBC is a wonderful institute in the way it’s paid for and therefore the lack of advertising is terrific. Without advertising we don’t get all that talk saying ‘stay tuned, because after break this is going to happen and you don’t want to miss that’.  But is this actually the case? I think in a different way they do. In fact the BBC finds ingenious ways of putting spoilers in to a show.

Lately the BBC has been running ‘The Truth about’ programmes which herald big revelations about certain subjects. The Truth about; food, population, climate change, the house price bubble and most recently, (just on tonight) the truth about working for Amazon.

Now don’t get me wrong, these shows have been very good and very informative. Well to a point. You see the biggest headline on the BBC news website for the day these shows were on, essentially told you everything that happened in the show before it happened and then dressed it up as a breaking news headline/article. It’s not until you get to the end of the article, you realise it’s an advertisement for a TV show on that evening, and they’ve told you everything you were going to watch. Why could they have not just done the headline the day after?

Because they feel the need to compete with the other channels, so in comes ‘advertising with spoilers.’

It isn’t just the Truth about series either there was a show on channel 4 last month all about the Mystery of the Yeti. So this is a secret right?

This hour long programme took nearly the full course of its run to reveal that the big secret was that the Himalayan Yeti may be a sub species of the brown bear.  And the presenter Mark Evans was making a big deal of this as a slow reveal too. But the BBC had ruined this big mystery in a banner headline 3 days before the show. Fair enough you might say, they were just bitter they didn’t get the show, so they released to the news early (although it doesn’t stop em with their own shows).  No, Channel 4 news website had done the same bloody thing.

In this new age of technology we live in, we are a very impatient race; we must know everything before it’s happened.  This is only happening to documentaries at the moment. But I fear for dry news days when they start telling you what is going to happen in soaps (I believe some magazines already do this). Or even what happens at the end of shows like Dr Who. Although I feel if the day that happens, is the day the full scale revolution begins.

And the geek will inherit the earth.


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2 Responses to The truth about…News Websites – Spoilers

  1. Richard says:

    In some respects the BBC almost go out of their way to stop you watching their programmes. I’ve lost track of the number of times since they stopped showing all the Formula One races live that I’ve just gone onto the News site whilst waiting for them to show the highlights and they’ve put the winners name as almost the top headline! (Yet for some other shows they put non-spolier headines like “Apprentice winner announced” on even several hours after the programme aired).

  2. SudoOne says:

    I think the BBC has started to promote it’s show via ‘news’ outlets because they know they are not that good. I have said for a while now that shows on in the late 80’s in the daytime are now what makes up prime time viewing. Documentaries that tell you nothing you didn’t already know, DIY shows and soaps.

    It’s only once in a while, Life on Mars and Doctor Who are two examples that spring to mind that BBC comes anywhere near the quality and patience it used to display.

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