Hello there blog watcher

Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to visit my blog site ‘The Resident Weeble’.

The Resident Weeble is about my view of the world and the diversity of things and people who reside in it, including myself, the ‘Resident Weebler’. So, to get to know more about me just read my autobiographical blogs. These blogs will fuse a subject with some history on me, such as with my first ever blog, ‘This Smoking Life’.

There will be other blogs that are just about the subject matters, which I’d like to believe will be a balanced opinion, but may end up being a tirade either for or against said subject.

I  also am putting on Short Stories i have have written and any Artwork I produce.

Please leave a comment and let we know what you think.

Enjoy the ride

Resident Weebler


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