The truth about…News Websites – Spoilers

Cat_out_of_the_bag The Cat is outta the bag (well nearly)

Let me start by saying that the BBC is a wonderful institute in the way it’s paid for and therefore the lack of advertising is terrific. Without advertising we don’t get all that talk saying ‘stay tuned, because after break this is going to happen and you don’t want to miss that’.  But is this actually the case? I think in a different way they do. In fact the BBC finds ingenious ways of putting spoilers in to a show.

Lately the BBC has been running ‘The Truth about’ programmes which herald big revelations about certain subjects. The Truth about; food, population, climate change, the house price bubble and most recently, (just on tonight) the truth about working for Amazon.

Now don’t get me wrong, these shows have been very good and very informative. Well to a point. You see the biggest headline on the BBC news website for the day these shows were on, essentially told you everything that happened in the show before it happened and then dressed it up as a breaking news headline/article. It’s not until you get to the end of the article, you realise it’s an advertisement for a TV show on that evening, and they’ve told you everything you were going to watch. Why could they have not just done the headline the day after?

Because Read more of this post

Doctor Who Live After Party – Review


Well, all the build-up was worth it, ‘The Day of the Doctor’, a fabulous episode to celebrate 50 years of Dr Who was had. But they couldn’t let it lie. The BBC thought, let’s do an after show party, and lets film it live. That may have sounded good at the time I’m sure, but it wasn’t.

Live TV rarely works out these days and to make it work best takes a lot of preparation and rehearsal. This appeared to have little or none of that. Hosted by an over caffeinated breathless Zoe ball and the most insincere man who’d I’d never heard of. Zoe interviewed some of the past cast and crew of Dr who, putting her head down to read the questions of her lap and not giving these people who were kind of the point of the show to fully answer. The questions asked to guests and fans were all so generic: Did you like the episode? What’s was your best memory of filming it? What was your favourite enemy that you fought (asked to a chap who only appeared in a handful of episodes). Then the answers were just as bad: Yes I loved the episode, I thought it was fantastic. Although one chap said it was like a dirty movie for him. That was funny.

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I could eat a Horse


Princess Anne has put the following statement out for debate.

‘”Should we be considering a real market for horsemeat and would that reduce the number of welfare cases, if there was a real value in the horsemeat sector?”

Now, I’m not a ‘horsy’ person but I do like the creatures, but then I also like Cows, Sheep, Pigs and Chickens. They are lovely, especially in a sandwich. So I would have no real problem with eating Horse either. That’s just me though; I think there are a couple of problems on a larger scale with the Princess Royals proposal.

One problem with selling Horse meat in the UK supermarkets is there are many people who wouldn’t eat it on principle. Our culture on this some what differs from our neighbours in France who eat horses in the same manner as other livestock.

The general public’s reaction to the horsemeat scandal was a curious one. Read more of this post

How the Speed of a Zombie Mirrors Modern Society


Since George A. Romero brought us The Night of the Living dead in 1968, the modern zombie was established. A slow moving undead human with only basic motor functions and a lust for brains or flesh in general. It doesn’t appear to feel pain and only by destroying the brain can it be put down.

Then all through the 70’s 80’s and 90’s zombies followed the same trope, and the fear came more from the sheer numbers of the creatures rather than the speed they could attack.

I see these zombies as an allegory for Read more of this post

Spending a Penny, but for how long?


The copper in the pre-1992 pennies are worth much more today than the face value of the coin.

Decimalisation in the UK began in February 1971, and the UK penny, or new penny, as it was then known, was there from the start. And now in the same month as it is celebrating 42 years in its current state, Canada has ditched its One Cent coin. Why? Simple. With ever increasing inflation on goods and services, it costs more than its outward value to produce the coin. Thus saving the economy of Canada money in the long run. Read more of this post

The meat eating future that Vegans can nosh in to too


A relatively recent article in the Guardian newspaper makes the point that to be a vegan isn’t totally ethical when you consider that items like quinoa (a popular ‘fashionable’ staple of the Vegan). The high demand for it in this country actually shoots the price up in the country of origin Bolivia. It therefore leaving a foodstuff that was part and parcel to the average Bolivian’s diet, now too expensive to buy. And on top of this, because Bolivia is pretty much the only climate quinoa can grow in, the carbon footprint of shipping it over is huge.

A nice article that raises an eyebrow or two about something most of us aren’t aware of. Read that article in full here.

However there was a rebuttal article which decided to piss all over the first one. Saying in the wake of the Horse burger scandal, how dare you try to scare us out of eating healthy crops, don’t blame vegans for state of the world, it’s meat that perpetuates hunger and exacerbates hunger…

Alright, calm down! We get your point. I reckon most of us know that Vegan’s can have a lofty air about them thinking their better than us, because of their ‘Choices’, (actually she does make some good points that are worth reading here). But for once can’t us meat eaters just have something. At least so that, every so often we can actually look a smug Vegan in the eye and have a counter point. Read more of this post

Look up, the Machines are here to Checkout your awareness at the door

Child_operating_self_checkoutThose kids love the latest computer craze

I was in the supermarket today getting my lunch and I noticed a curious thing. As I was heading to the checkouts to pay, the self service checkouts had queues of 5 to 6 people per bank of 4. While the person operated checkouts ones had zero to one person waiting. I, of course, went to the person who not only served me almost immediately, but also wished me a good day to boot.

I considered the situation and first thought that perhaps people had become so introverted by using machines rather than have to face another human being they would rather stand in line so as not to deal with them. Then I thought, I don’t think we as a society have forgotten how to interact with people we don’t know just yet (although I don’t give it that long). After all, we have become a nation of expecting things instantly and are in such a rush to get on to the next thing. Read more of this post

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