The meat eating future that Vegans can nosh in to too


A relatively recent article in the Guardian newspaper makes the point that to be a vegan isn’t totally ethical when you consider that items like quinoa (a popular ‘fashionable’ staple of the Vegan). The high demand for it in this country actually shoots the price up in the country of origin Bolivia. It therefore leaving a foodstuff that was part and parcel to the average Bolivian’s diet, now too expensive to buy. And on top of this, because Bolivia is pretty much the only climate quinoa can grow in, the carbon footprint of shipping it over is huge.

A nice article that raises an eyebrow or two about something most of us aren’t aware of. Read that article in full here.

However there was a rebuttal article which decided to piss all over the first one. Saying in the wake of the Horse burger scandal, how dare you try to scare us out of eating healthy crops, don’t blame vegans for state of the world, it’s meat that perpetuates hunger and exacerbates hunger…

Alright, calm down! We get your point. I reckon most of us know that Vegan’s can have a lofty air about them thinking their better than us, because of their ‘Choices’, (actually she does make some good points that are worth reading here). But for once can’t us meat eaters just have something. At least so that, every so often we can actually look a smug Vegan in the eye and have a counter point. Read more of this post

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