I could eat a Horse


Princess Anne has put the following statement out for debate.

‘”Should we be considering a real market for horsemeat and would that reduce the number of welfare cases, if there was a real value in the horsemeat sector?”

Now, I’m not a ‘horsy’ person but I do like the creatures, but then I also like Cows, Sheep, Pigs and Chickens. They are lovely, especially in a sandwich. So I would have no real problem with eating Horse either. That’s just me though; I think there are a couple of problems on a larger scale with the Princess Royals proposal.

One problem with selling Horse meat in the UK supermarkets is there are many people who wouldn’t eat it on principle. Our culture on this some what differs from our neighbours in France who eat horses in the same manner as other livestock.

The general public’s reaction to the horsemeat scandal was a curious one. Read more of this post

Warning Hazardous Foods – Surstromming


I think someone in China once thought; ‘This’ll be a laugh. What is the most disgusting state of a food I can think of and how can I make people eat it. I know I will leave an egg in a load of rice for a few weeks so when it is eaten it will smell of piss, and I will call it a Century Egg. And in order to convince people to eat this disaster of a food, I shall say it is a delicacy.’


Well congratulations, job done. The art of making a food disgusting in some way and calling it a delicacy seems to have learnt from this Century Egg idea and flourished. Read more of this post

Warning Hazardous Foods – Chillies


Sometimes foods have warnings on them, and all foods have best before dates on them.

Some foods are quite simply not good for you. Now I’m not going to go on about junk food here as there is an upside to that is it tastes bloody lovely.

Super-hot Chillies however can’t really be described as delicious, as you don’t really have time to savour any flavour before face catches on fire. And I’m not talking about your Jalapenos (3500 to 8000 on the Scoville scale) nor am I even on about your Scotch bonnets (100,000-350,000 on the Scoville scale), which are mentally hot, but which I appreciate some people still put on food.  What I’m really talking about here is Read more of this post

The meat eating future that Vegans can nosh in to too


A relatively recent article in the Guardian newspaper makes the point that to be a vegan isn’t totally ethical when you consider that items like quinoa (a popular ‘fashionable’ staple of the Vegan). The high demand for it in this country actually shoots the price up in the country of origin Bolivia. It therefore leaving a foodstuff that was part and parcel to the average Bolivian’s diet, now too expensive to buy. And on top of this, because Bolivia is pretty much the only climate quinoa can grow in, the carbon footprint of shipping it over is huge.

A nice article that raises an eyebrow or two about something most of us aren’t aware of. Read that article in full here.

However there was a rebuttal article which decided to piss all over the first one. Saying in the wake of the Horse burger scandal, how dare you try to scare us out of eating healthy crops, don’t blame vegans for state of the world, it’s meat that perpetuates hunger and exacerbates hunger…

Alright, calm down! We get your point. I reckon most of us know that Vegan’s can have a lofty air about them thinking their better than us, because of their ‘Choices’, (actually she does make some good points that are worth reading here). But for once can’t us meat eaters just have something. At least so that, every so often we can actually look a smug Vegan in the eye and have a counter point. Read more of this post

Loving and Hating foods….and Gargamel

Marmite launched one of the most memorable campaigns based on market research which apparently only had the choice of two boxes to tick.

I find Marmite nice, I don’t love it, and I certainly don’t hate it. However, if I’m in the mood I’ll have it on a slice of toast. I don’t think I’m alone on this?

One food I do feel rather alone on is Cheese. People I know really do either love it with such a passion; they say they could live on it (they couldn’t). Others believe it to be evil, but probably only as evil as Gargamel was to Smurfs, which wasn’t that bad as he never succeeded in destroying them., as so few (if any) cartoon villains do, but then we’re only talking about cheese here.

Gargamel and Azrael

 Factoid – Did you know? Read more of this post

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