The truth about…News Websites – Spoilers

Cat_out_of_the_bag The Cat is outta the bag (well nearly)

Let me start by saying that the BBC is a wonderful institute in the way it’s paid for and therefore the lack of advertising is terrific. Without advertising we don’t get all that talk saying ‘stay tuned, because after break this is going to happen and you don’t want to miss that’.  But is this actually the case? I think in a different way they do. In fact the BBC finds ingenious ways of putting spoilers in to a show.

Lately the BBC has been running ‘The Truth about’ programmes which herald big revelations about certain subjects. The Truth about; food, population, climate change, the house price bubble and most recently, (just on tonight) the truth about working for Amazon.

Now don’t get me wrong, these shows have been very good and very informative. Well to a point. You see the biggest headline on the BBC news website for the day these shows were on, essentially told you everything that happened in the show before it happened and then dressed it up as a breaking news headline/article. It’s not until you get to the end of the article, you realise it’s an advertisement for a TV show on that evening, and they’ve told you everything you were going to watch. Why could they have not just done the headline the day after?

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Top 10 films about Claustrophobic Paranoia

I am a film geek and I’m proud of it. I love the feeling if someone has a question about a film, they’ll ask me and I can generally answer it. However there is one question that gets repeatedly asked to me that I can never answer…

‘What is your favourite ever film?’

I just shake my head and try to explain, it’s just not that simple for me.

If id only seen a few films in my life it would be easy, however this is not the case. I now have to break the films I like down in to categories, and it’s not even as simple as my favourite comedies, action films or horrors. That is still a bit broad.

So in the search to answer the ultimate question of film, I have to start somewhere, I will compile a top ten list of an area film I enjoy immensely, claustrophobic paranoia. You must understand this isn’t one or the other, it’s both combined.

So in order to make the list, these films have to have a sense of confinement or isolation, whist the characters have mistrust for those around them or they feel they are being conspired against. Read more of this post

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