Top 10 Christmas Films

As there is now under a month till Christmas, and that this 30 blog a day effort is collectively called ‘The Write-mare before Christmas’, it seems appropriate to do this top ten list. Yes in my continuing quest to find my favourite film, doing top tens by categories and sub categories continues with my favourite Christmas films….well films set at Christmas at least. Would they be yours too?

10. Elf (2003)


What stands out for me – Will Ferrell’s performance is terrific and laugh out loud at times. The premise of an Elf leaving Santa and seeing the real world had been done before in Santa Clause the Movie, but Elf adds new fun to hold its own, make you laugh and give you that christmassy feeling.

I enjoyed seeing this actor in it – Peter Dinkalidge

Great quote –  Gimbel’s Manager: Why are you smiling like that?

Buddy: I just like to smile, smiling’s my favourite

9. A Christmas Story (1983)

Christmas Story

What stands out for me – This film is more associated with and watched in America. Although for me it still shows the magic of being a kid a Christmas and some realities that come with it. Well worth checking out in other countries too. Oh and this was the film that spawned the iconic image of a false leg lamp shade too.

I enjoyed seeing this actor in it – Darren McGavin

Great quote –  Mr. Parker: He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny.

Mother: He does not!

Mr. Parker: He does too, he looks like a pink nightmare! Read more of this post

Top 10 Comedy Romance Films

Ok then, I think in my on-going quest to my favourite film I have tended to err on the darker side of films; horror, zombies, post-apocalyptic, Stephen King movies. You get the idea. Well I thought it was about time I explored my lighter side and make a list of my favourite romantic comedy films, but with the focus being on the comedy. There are of course romantic films out there that have comedic elements about them that I like, but they are for another list, another time. For now though, why not check out these knee slapping heart melters.


10)  Splash (1984)

Splash poster

What stands out for me – This is as much about nostalgia as it is for comedy romance for me. This tale of how love can’t be stopped even if you have fish tail. With all the ups and downs that go with it and some cracking comedy performances.

I enjoyed seeing this actor in it – John Candy

Great quote –  [Excitedly waving a Penthouse magazine]

Freddie: They published my letter. Here it is, “A lesbian no more”.


9) Love Actually (2003)


What stands out for me – The connections between the quite brilliant ensemble cast, the sweetness and The Britishness

I enjoyed seeing this actor in it – There are many to choose from, but I will choose Emma Thompson

Great quote –  Billy Mack: Hiya kids. Here is an important message from your Uncle Bill. Don’t buy drugs. Become a pop star, and they give you them for free!


8) About a Boy (2002)


What stands out for me – It is well observed and reflects the reality of relationships a bit better than most, being based on the great book by Nick Hornby helps a lot. Plus it has a cracking soundtrack written by Badly Drawn Boy.

I enjoyed seeing this actor in it – Toni Collette

Great quote – Will: It was terrible! Terrible! But driving really fast behind the ambulance was fantastic!

Read more of this post

How the Speed of a Zombie Mirrors Modern Society


Since George A. Romero brought us The Night of the Living dead in 1968, the modern zombie was established. A slow moving undead human with only basic motor functions and a lust for brains or flesh in general. It doesn’t appear to feel pain and only by destroying the brain can it be put down.

Then all through the 70’s 80’s and 90’s zombies followed the same trope, and the fear came more from the sheer numbers of the creatures rather than the speed they could attack.

I see these zombies as an allegory for Read more of this post

Top 10 films about a Post Apocalypse

In my on going quest to name my favourite movie (See here). I thought I would tackle one of my favourite types of film, the apocalypse movie. However there are so many to choose from. I have therefore narrowed down the options for this list to just films about living in a Post Apocalyptic world.

Here are my choices:

10.  Zombieland (2009)


Cause of Apocalypse – Zombies

Why this movie stands out for me – The style, the coolness, the comedy and one of the best cameos.

I enjoyed seeing this actor in it – Bill Murray

Great quote – Columbus: Are you one of these guys that tries to one-up everybody else’s story?

Tallahassee: No. I knew a guy way worse at that than me.

9.  They Live (1988)

They Live

Cause of Apocalypse – Aliens

Why this movie stands out for me – Longest fight, Tongue-in-cheek-ness, The kick ass action, The idea of the story (they’re already here and we don’t know)

I enjoyed seeing this actor in it – Keith David

Great quote – I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubblegum. Read more of this post

Not Snogging in Cinemas to Courtroom Films (Top ten list)

sommersby in court

When I was a teenager of about 14 or 15 I went on a date to the cinema with newest girlfriend of the time. The movie got underway and about quarter of the way through she wanted to do the whole snogging in the cinema thing. Well I was having none that malarkey. I’d paid to see this film, and I was getting into it.  We could do snogging nearly anytime, so I told her to knock it off.

Looking back, maybe I missed out on one of those classic moments in life, but really I just find it funny that I was as into movies then as I am now. Read more of this post

Top Ten Horror Comedies and Comedy Horrors


In my ongoing quest to find my favourite film, (see post Top ten Claustrophobic Paranoia Films) I have moved on to another of my favourite genres, Horror Comedy. I have talked about this at more length (See ‘Don’t be afraid to laugh’ post). I have found out since that the reason this genre of films is so popular is because of something known as ‘Gallows Humour’. Which basically means the film, through its story and direction, gives you permission to laugh at your own fears.

Now to my list, or rather lists. Because in my opinion Horror comedies really need to be split into two groups, whereas so often they are compiled as one. Read more of this post

Top 10 films about Claustrophobic Paranoia

I am a film geek and I’m proud of it. I love the feeling if someone has a question about a film, they’ll ask me and I can generally answer it. However there is one question that gets repeatedly asked to me that I can never answer…

‘What is your favourite ever film?’

I just shake my head and try to explain, it’s just not that simple for me.

If id only seen a few films in my life it would be easy, however this is not the case. I now have to break the films I like down in to categories, and it’s not even as simple as my favourite comedies, action films or horrors. That is still a bit broad.

So in the search to answer the ultimate question of film, I have to start somewhere, I will compile a top ten list of an area film I enjoy immensely, claustrophobic paranoia. You must understand this isn’t one or the other, it’s both combined.

So in order to make the list, these films have to have a sense of confinement or isolation, whist the characters have mistrust for those around them or they feel they are being conspired against. Read more of this post

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