Doctor Who Live After Party – Review


Well, all the build-up was worth it, ‘The Day of the Doctor’, a fabulous episode to celebrate 50 years of Dr Who was had. But they couldn’t let it lie. The BBC thought, let’s do an after show party, and lets film it live. That may have sounded good at the time I’m sure, but it wasn’t.

Live TV rarely works out these days and to make it work best takes a lot of preparation and rehearsal. This appeared to have little or none of that. Hosted by an over caffeinated breathless Zoe ball and the most insincere man who’d I’d never heard of. Zoe interviewed some of the past cast and crew of Dr who, putting her head down to read the questions of her lap and not giving these people who were kind of the point of the show to fully answer. The questions asked to guests and fans were all so generic: Did you like the episode? What’s was your best memory of filming it? What was your favourite enemy that you fought (asked to a chap who only appeared in a handful of episodes). Then the answers were just as bad: Yes I loved the episode, I thought it was fantastic. Although one chap said it was like a dirty movie for him. That was funny.

For some reason the BBC thought Read more of this post

Shopping trolleys – The most boring post in the world – with a point

Have you ever seen as many as in this picture?

Shopping TrolliesAren’t they nice and neat.

I know this is a daft thing to post about but there’s a reason I even have this photo. I was with The Girl when we saw all these trolleys, and I turned to her and, in an overly surprised voice, asked ‘have you ever seen so many trolleys?’ She laughed and laughed at me for making such an inane boring comment, and made me take the photo to see if anyone else could possibly be impressed by so many trolleys, even when accompanied by my brilliant prose.

I’m guessing you aren’t impressed by them; they are, after all, only shopping trolleys. But for all the moaning from the public about the introduction of having to have a pound coin handy in order to go shopping, before they introduced the coin operated trolley in our local Tesco, they were left scattered everywhere and walking to and from the shops felt like a dexterity test from the ‘Krypton Factor’. Read more of this post

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