10 Fascinating Sci-Fi Book’s Cover Art – Robert A. Heinlein

Whilst researching for another blog I will be doing. I got somewhat distracted by some of the most fascinating and hilarious book cover art of Sci-Fi writers.

There is so much good stuff out there that I could concentrate a whole post to just one author. Robert A Heinlein. I don’t know if he had a hand in any choosing any of these covers, but I urge you to be distracted from whatever you are doing and take a look at 10 book covers that will both dazzle and confuse you equally. Enjoy.

Fellas in pants

No better way to navigate than in your pants. ‘Say could you use another head or two up front?’ Read more of this post

Look up, the Machines are here to Checkout your awareness at the door

Child_operating_self_checkoutThose kids love the latest computer craze

I was in the supermarket today getting my lunch and I noticed a curious thing. As I was heading to the checkouts to pay, the self service checkouts had queues of 5 to 6 people per bank of 4. While the person operated checkouts ones had zero to one person waiting. I, of course, went to the person who not only served me almost immediately, but also wished me a good day to boot.

I considered the situation and first thought that perhaps people had become so introverted by using machines rather than have to face another human being they would rather stand in line so as not to deal with them. Then I thought, I don’t think we as a society have forgotten how to interact with people we don’t know just yet (although I don’t give it that long). After all, we have become a nation of expecting things instantly and are in such a rush to get on to the next thing. Read more of this post

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