Top 10 Stephen King movie adaptations

It may seem odd to have one of my categories of film top tens to be based on the work of one author, but in the case of Stephen King it’s easy to make an exception. He is a very prolific author and writes about subjects that interest me in an enjoyable way, this is not just horror by the way, that old adage to his work is fiercely tiresome.  Most of his work has had some kind of adaptation for TV or film. Some have been duffers for sure, but there are some excellence as well. Here is my choice for the crème da la crème of his filmic adaptations.


10) Secret Window (2004)


Year of story – (based on the novella Secret Window, Secret Garden from 1990)

What stands out for me – The setting, the twist, the writing cabin along with Jonny Depps dressing gown.

I enjoyed seeing this actor in it – John Turturro

Great quote – Mort: I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t on the verge of doing snoopy dances. Read more of this post

I could eat a Horse


Princess Anne has put the following statement out for debate.

‘”Should we be considering a real market for horsemeat and would that reduce the number of welfare cases, if there was a real value in the horsemeat sector?”

Now, I’m not a ‘horsy’ person but I do like the creatures, but then I also like Cows, Sheep, Pigs and Chickens. They are lovely, especially in a sandwich. So I would have no real problem with eating Horse either. That’s just me though; I think there are a couple of problems on a larger scale with the Princess Royals proposal.

One problem with selling Horse meat in the UK supermarkets is there are many people who wouldn’t eat it on principle. Our culture on this some what differs from our neighbours in France who eat horses in the same manner as other livestock.

The general public’s reaction to the horsemeat scandal was a curious one. Read more of this post

Top 10 Zombie films – Non Comedy


Given yesterday’s post on ‘How Zombies speed mirrors Society’ of the time, it got me thinking whether I prefer Zombie movies with fast movers or slow ‘traditional’ walkers. Turns out my top 10 list is a bit of a mixture. Take a look and see which ones came out on top.

I decided not to put any films which IMDB classified as ‘Comedy’, as comedy and horror is covered in another post ‘Top 10 Comedy Horrors and Horror Comedies’. That said there are some nice comedic moments in a few of these films.

This top ten list Read more of this post

How the Speed of a Zombie Mirrors Modern Society


Since George A. Romero brought us The Night of the Living dead in 1968, the modern zombie was established. A slow moving undead human with only basic motor functions and a lust for brains or flesh in general. It doesn’t appear to feel pain and only by destroying the brain can it be put down.

Then all through the 70’s 80’s and 90’s zombies followed the same trope, and the fear came more from the sheer numbers of the creatures rather than the speed they could attack.

I see these zombies as an allegory for Read more of this post

Understanding Slang


Do you ever feel you are getting older? Not just in the physical sense either, even though I did find my first grey hair this year. No, I’m talking getting older in your ways and about the use of language in the youth of today (Jesus, even that phase makes me sound old).

I was first alarmed to my state of advancing years by the term ‘Sick’. The first time I heard this used in conversation was with someone only 10 years my junior some time ago. They were talking about something I was wearing I think (clearly my memory is going too); I knew almost immediately that this item of clothing was not unwell and that he was commenting on its level of ‘coolness’ (as I would to refer to it). I think I erred on the side of negativity at the time given the connotations of being ‘sick’ in the traditional sense.

Later I realised Read more of this post

Can you remember who tried to assassinate who?

Palin Holy Grail - Swamp castle

 Now now, let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who, this is supposed to be a happy occasion!

It’s quiz time. How many people remember the names of the people involved with failed attempts of assassinations?

Let’s try shall we:

King_George_III_-_Gainsborough_1781 King George III?

Queen_Victoria 1887 Queen Victoria (any of the 3 attempts)?

No? What about more modern then: Read more of this post

It’s Sad sometimes, being Big and Scary


I was walking home from swimming the other day, and a mother and her kid were walking about 50 yards ahead of me. I noticed the child every so often looking round at me. I was walking at a faster pace than them. As I gained ground, the child started tugging on his mother’s arm with a distressed look on his face. Then as I neared, the child actually made his mum stop move to the side of the pavement as he hid behind her legs.  She apologised to me as I passed, as did I for apparently terrifying her child.

Now, I admit I’m a big fella with a lot of hair and a beard, so I understand the child’s fear. And this wasn’t a fluke, this sort of thing has happened before. Once I was round a friends for a bbq and his daughter just started crying when she saw me.

These instances do upset me, as I am nice guy and wouldn’t hurt a fly, as my friends, family, girlfriend, and I reckon anyone who’s met me will tell you. I suppose I do see the funny side too.  I know the parents do. Read more of this post

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