How the Speed of a Zombie Mirrors Modern Society


Since George A. Romero brought us The Night of the Living dead in 1968, the modern zombie was established. A slow moving undead human with only basic motor functions and a lust for brains or flesh in general. It doesn’t appear to feel pain and only by destroying the brain can it be put down.

Then all through the 70’s 80’s and 90’s zombies followed the same trope, and the fear came more from the sheer numbers of the creatures rather than the speed they could attack.

I see these zombies as an allegory for Read more of this post

Top 10 Perils of Technology Sci-Fi films

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Carrying on with my on-going mission to find my favorite film and since some of my posts lately have talked about technology and the future of it. I thought it would be fitting to do another ‘Top Ten’ post all around films that act as a warning of the possible perils of advancing technology. So, these are not films that involve some unknown factor like aliens or time travel. These are more Hard Sci-Fi films based on the sort of technology that we have today that is advancing. So; Robots, Genetics, that type of thing.


10) I, Robot (2004) – A classy looking film, based on a classic story by Isaac Asimov. Showing the possible pitfalls of advanced intelligent robots Read more of this post

The meat eating future that Vegans can nosh in to too


A relatively recent article in the Guardian newspaper makes the point that to be a vegan isn’t totally ethical when you consider that items like quinoa (a popular ‘fashionable’ staple of the Vegan). The high demand for it in this country actually shoots the price up in the country of origin Bolivia. It therefore leaving a foodstuff that was part and parcel to the average Bolivian’s diet, now too expensive to buy. And on top of this, because Bolivia is pretty much the only climate quinoa can grow in, the carbon footprint of shipping it over is huge.

A nice article that raises an eyebrow or two about something most of us aren’t aware of. Read that article in full here.

However there was a rebuttal article which decided to piss all over the first one. Saying in the wake of the Horse burger scandal, how dare you try to scare us out of eating healthy crops, don’t blame vegans for state of the world, it’s meat that perpetuates hunger and exacerbates hunger…

Alright, calm down! We get your point. I reckon most of us know that Vegan’s can have a lofty air about them thinking their better than us, because of their ‘Choices’, (actually she does make some good points that are worth reading here). But for once can’t us meat eaters just have something. At least so that, every so often we can actually look a smug Vegan in the eye and have a counter point. Read more of this post

Lesser known famous people who are rather interesting – Ray Kurzweil


I thought I would start this as a little segment and profile different people from time to time. Today’s person is Ray Kurzweil. This is came about after researching yesterday (for the blog) around the future of technology.

So I thought I’d bring to people’s attention a chap called Ray Kurzweil. If you’ve heard of him already, good for you. If you haven’t, then I think it’s worth knowing who he is and what has done.

Ray has done a lot with his time, apart from being the Director of engineering at ‘Google’, he is and Author, Inventor and a Futurist amongst many other things too.

It’s his area of Futurism that fascinates me the most, so that’s what I will focus on in this blog.

Now, I’d normally take somebody’s view of what they thought was going to happen in the future with a pinch of salt. But the man that Forbes magazine called ‘The Ultimate Thinking Machine’ appears to have a good track record already. That, and he’s using market research and econmics for his predictions and not a crystal ball.

Here are some predictions that have already come to pass in his book The Age of Intelligent Machines, written in the 1980s: Read more of this post

Look up, the Machines are here to Checkout your awareness at the door

Child_operating_self_checkoutThose kids love the latest computer craze

I was in the supermarket today getting my lunch and I noticed a curious thing. As I was heading to the checkouts to pay, the self service checkouts had queues of 5 to 6 people per bank of 4. While the person operated checkouts ones had zero to one person waiting. I, of course, went to the person who not only served me almost immediately, but also wished me a good day to boot.

I considered the situation and first thought that perhaps people had become so introverted by using machines rather than have to face another human being they would rather stand in line so as not to deal with them. Then I thought, I don’t think we as a society have forgotten how to interact with people we don’t know just yet (although I don’t give it that long). After all, we have become a nation of expecting things instantly and are in such a rush to get on to the next thing. Read more of this post

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